Please check the customer group and products tax

Not every theme will have different style option, the default theme has 3 menu color styles and can only be chosen from the top bar.

Yes, you can. Please update the settings with site name and the logo can be
uploaded by visiting the change logo menu link under settings.

Please check the overselling option in system settings, that would be enabled. You can disable overselling to stop selling products with 0 or lower stock.

Please visit the customer listing page to check the deposit amount and add new deposits to any customer. On sales, you can use the deposit in paid by and system will automatically deduct the sale amount from customer’s deposit amount.

You can have any number of products ranging from 1 to 20,000 or more.

Yes, you can easily manage multiple warehouse/stores with same product base. However, if you have different products in each warehouse/store, you can add all
products for each warehouse/store (combine products for all warehouse) and then manage multiple warehouse/stores.
You will be buy separate license and install SMA separately for each

API calls to both servers could take few seconds as the payment is processed after submitted.

Please upload the biller logo by visiting the change logo menu link under settings. Once the logo upload, please edit the biller and choose a new logo to update the biller.

Yes, we will be exploring the new gateways.