Customers are the clients of your companies/organizations. They purchase the items that you/your companies/organizations sell. This module has been updated and now you can add customer groups in settings i.e, Normal Customer, Regular Customer, Resellers,Distributors etc and assign percentage decrement/increment to the price depending on their group.

Company, Name (Contact Person), Email, Phone, Address and City input fields are required. You can add extra information about the customer as there are 6 custom fields and the select box in front of each custom field is to display this information on invoices/quotations. If the customer is not company, you can skip the company file with dash symbol (-) so that system will consider it as person.

The inputs for customer in other modules are no more select/drop down but ajax calls, you can type in search filed to get the suggestions and select any suggestion available in database for customers. You can add customer by clicking the Add Customer menu under People from any page. The interface is quite easy to understand.

Customer Groups:

The percentage in the customer groups are the addition/subtraction in the product price for that group. If you have set 10 percentage for customer group, then each customer of the group will have (10%) higher price automatically calculated on sales. If you set it to -10 percent, then the products price will be (10%) lower than normal price.


Price Groups:

The price group can be assigned to customer and then all the sales will use that price group for the customer. This feature will help you set the different prices for customers.
Please be informed that the customer group percentage will be applied to the prices from price group too. Means that whatever customer price is the customer group percentage will be applied at the end.