Sales (Invoices) to manage the sales and payments received. Add sales will automatically decrease the product quantity from the selected warehouse. If your product has variants that will be synchronized too. The list sales page has these drop-down menus in the actions column for each sale.

1. Sale Details:To view the sale details.
2. View Payments:To view the payments for the sale.
3. Add Payment:To record the payment for the sale. If you have enabled the paypal and skrill button in settings, the payment will automatically have recorded upon successful payment by customer.
4. Add Delivery:To add the delivery of the sale items.
5. Edit Sale: To edit the sale.
6. Download as PDF: To download the sale as pdf.
7. Email Sale: To email the sale to the customer.
8. Return Sale: To record return sale.
9. Delete Sale: To delete the sale.

Add Sale

the page has been redesigned too and like additional purchase. There is only a single input field to add the products to the order list. You can type the product name or code to get the suggestion and select the suggestion or just scan the barcode with your barcode scanner to add the product to the order list. If there is only 1 suggestion for your typed characters, then it will automatically have added to the order list. If you have scanned the

barcode with the option, the order item option will automatically set to the scanned barcode option. Add product to order list and the totals will be automatically stuck top and bottom once the order list reached the number that you have in settings for Product counts to fix for barcode input.


Payment terms

are the number of days before this sale marked as due. This value should be an integer 14 for 14 days’ payment term and 30 for 1 month etc.
There are 2 sale status
1. Pending: The sale is added but the items has not been handed-over/delivered to the
2. Completed: The sale us added and the products has been sent/handedover/proceed for delivery.

You can have partial payments for sales. There are 4 payment status

1. Pending: The payment has not yet received.
2. Due: The payment term had been reached but the payment has not yet received.
3. Partial: Customer has made the partial payment and there is balance that still need to pay by customer.
4. Paid: The payment for the sale has been completely paid.

There are 2 icon links at the end of add product to order list input.

1. Plus icon: To add the product to the order list manually, this won’t be added to the
database but only to the sale.
2. Card icon: To add the gift card to database and sell by adding to the order list.
To edit or delete any payment, please click the view payments link in actions on sales list
or in page menu on sale view page.

If any of the product in order list is red that means the product or selected variant is out of stock or warehouse quantity is lesser then ordered quantity (you can change the product variant or reduce the quantity). If over-selling is disabled, it will produce error on submit.